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As a writer and a professional web developer I should have a much better bio on my website than this. Here’s what I had to say one day about my writing…

I have been telling stories from the age of 3, sitting around the campfire and entertaining amused adults. In adulthood, I lost my way and somehow became an accountant. This led to a long, roundabout trip of death and new chances to a career as a web developer, where I at least get to play with words and pictures.

When not at work, and sometimes when I am, I can usually be found playing with scissors and paste like the child that I still want to be. I approach writing in the same way, as a game to be played and a place to explore and experiment.

Many of my stories contain a bit of magic, a little mystery, and a large dollop of wonder. If you like Dianna Wynne Jones, Diane Duane, or Diana Gabaldon, then you, like me probably wonder what’s up with all the “Dian” names? What was I saying? Oh yes, let’s go read something, preferably something with a dog or two.

I currently live and breathe and eat and sleep with four Rat Terriers in Maryland, displaced from my proper place in Fantasyland.

I hope you like my stories because they like you. They think you’re awesome.

Next time you visit, I’ll probably have something else to say. In the meantime, I hope you’ll check out my short stories and maybe a few of my blog posts. I tend to ramble a lot about books, dogs, and crafts, if you’re into that kind of thing.

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