Short Stories

  • And That’s The Way it Is – Home is where they have to take you in – even when you’d rather not be there. (4/24/2020)
  • The Geas – Choose wisely – but choose. (4/10/2020)
  • With Me in Paradise – In the future, humanity has conquered death, or has it? People are dying to find out. (4/4/2020)
  • Siren’s Song – Eric North finds more than solitude when he rents a home on a Greek island, hoping to finish his most important book. (3-27-2020)
  • The Rescue – A walk at the park that takes a turn when she follows an ugly mutt into the woods. (3-20-2020)
  • Climbing Trees – He should have known better. (3-13-2020)
  • The Piper – Not all fairy tales are sweet and light. (3-6-2020)
  • Princess of the Faire – This is my version of Cinderella. I hope you like it as much as I liked writing it. (2-28-2020)
  • The Little Queen – This fairy tale is all about a queen who finds love in unexpected ways and unfamiliar places. (2-21-2020)
  • The Machine – Evie just wanted to go to her first dance with a boy. Was that so wrong? (2-14-2020)
  • Cat Burglar – When George, a burglar and a thief, finds a genie’s bottle, he is very careful about the wishes he makes. (2-7-2020)
  • It’s Fine – Sienna wants to know what her taciturn boyfriend is really thinking/feeling about her. It turns out, she shouldn’t have asked. (1-31-2020)
  • Jane Doe – He found her in a fire, but she doesn’t know who or what she was before he carried her from the flames. Will the answer bring them together or tear them apart? (1-24-2020)
  • Knight’s Tale – Two knights, one princess, what could possibly go wrong? (1-17-2020)
  • Last Ball Game – Siblings play ball while waiting for life-changing news. (1-10-2020)
  • Horse – A homeless veteran sees something in an alley that he wasn’t supposed to see and his world will never be the same. (1-3-2020)
  • Christmas Delivery – Jace joins his twin sister and the cute new girl, Lia, as they deliver Christmas treats to the neighbors. (12-27-2019)
  • Bennie and the Eggs – Every year Santa’s sleigh loses at least one of its magic sleigh bells. The elves tasked with finding those bells have the power to grant a special gift or wish to any mortal who finds one. Bennie is the best bell-retrieval elf on the team, but this year his generosity may have gotten him into trouble. (12-20-2019)
  • The Stray – It was just a stray dog, someone’s lost pet, right? (12-13-2019)
  • Dragon’s Call – Once every few generations a dragon comes to take a tribute. Who will be taken this time and why? (12-6-2019)

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