Broken Arm

I finally finished my project at 1 minute until 2:00 today. My boss told us we could go home at 2:00, so my timing was perfect. I called my mom on my way home and told her I “might” get off early. I like to surprise her so I don’t always tell her I’m on my way. She told me that she might not be home when I got there because she BROKE HER ARM! She fell on the front step, probably tripping over Harley’s leash, and broke a bone just above her right wrist. Did she then do what any normal person would do, and go to the doctor/hospital? Oh no, she went grocery shopping! That woman is nuts. Anyway, she’s at the emergency room now. What terrible timing, with the Fourth tomorrow. We were going to go swimming, and now she can’t. She’ll probably insist we go over there anyway and she’ll just watch while we swim. What a bummer.


  1. Please give my sympathies to your mother. There is no good time to break your arm but the summer is the worst, in my opinion. Hope it heals fast.

  2. she is so weird. and she didnt even tell me. you’re lucky you live there or she probably wouldnt have said anything.. lol..

    haha.. shopping, she would do something like that.

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