Do it Yourself

Mom and Dad are doing some home improvement projects to go along with the new floors. That includes a couple of pieces of furniture from Ikea. Dad hates putting them together, and Mom isn’t all that fond of them, but I love it. To me, it’s like a giant, 3-D jigsaw puzzle. So, anything that comes in a flat box is left for me to play with.

Tonight we started with a chair and a matching ottoman. That went together pretty fast once Mom figured out which way the arms/legs attached to the seat. I would still be turning it around and around. It just didn’t make sense to me. The dogs helped by playing underfoot and barking at the neighbors when they walked threateningly down their own driveway. In the meantime, Dad carried in parts for the next project and Mom and I finished up the chair.

The other piece was an island to replace the old, broken kitchen table. This is going to give Mom a lot more storage with three drawers while taking up a lot less floor space. It also has the advantage of not being broken. We didn’t finish this one since it was getting late. It’s pretty complicated, so I took the time to separate all of the screws and other fiddly bits into plastic bags and labeled them so we could find them when we needed them. Then we assembled the body and left the glue to dry overnight. Tomorrow, Mom will add wheels from the hardware store and we’ll put the drawers together tomorrow night. I’ll try to get a picture of the finished piece when we’re done. Now I have Facebook games to rush through before bedtime. I have about 12 minutes, so I’d better hurry!

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