Ice Cream Pillow

What’s an ice cream pillow? It’s the extra pillow I keep on my bed just for the nights when I have ice cream for a bedtime snack. You didn’t know that, but my cousin, Maria did. It’s part of our code.

I love when language becomes code.  Those unusual, sometimes nonsensical, phrases that bind you because of shared experience.  There is a handful of people on this planet who remember the phrase “Spoons in the Heart” with a smile. It’s our code. It reminds us of one wacky night watching a tearjerker movie and laughing for no reason other than the sheer joy of being together.

You see this kind of thing on a bigger scale all of the time. It’s where slang is birthed. It comes from movies, music, TV and internet memes. Double rainbow all the way, anyone?  Some of them are tired and worn out at birth, but some live on.

I doubt that “Ice Cream Pillow” will become part of the national consciousness, but I’m ok with that.

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