Looking Forward

I have been a little mired in the past recently, so I thought maybe I should take a few minutes to list the things I am looking forward to.

1) Becoming a mom. I know that this is not 100% assured and there are a lot of barriers still in the way of this, but it is definitely the #1 thing I am looking forward to experiencing. It makes me excited and anxious in equal measure. Maybe as the time approaches the balance will tip in one direction or the other, but for now I’m on the razor’s edge.

2) Disneyworld. I don’t know when this will happen, but we’re hoping to go back within the year. I am a huge Disney fan and am working hard to get in better shape so I can enjoy this and the next item on this list…

3) Ren Fest. I haven’t been as into it as I used to be, mostly because my physical condition has deteriorated so much after breaking my leg two years ago. However, if I can get fit enough, I think I’m ready for another full season.

4) Crafting. Nothing special, just spending an entire weekend or even just one entire day doing nothing but playing in my craft room.

5) Spring. I really am a Winter person, but I am excited to see how many of those bulbs I buried last December actually survived. I have seen quite a few popping up, so it might be really pretty. I also am looking forward to planting more berry bushes and spending time outside in my gazebo with the dogs.

6) Tax Refund. I should get one this year, and if there is enough, I am thinking about replacing the floors in my house, at least the ones in the basement. Those puppies did a pretty thorough job of trashing the basement carpet and I want to put in something more dog-resistant.

7) Music/Art. I miss exercising my creativity in these areas and as soon as I get my first three productivity goals (exercise, writing, cleaning) firmly established I’m going to add this as a daily exercise.

I guess I do have a lot to look forward to, so I’m going to stop looking back for a while and face forward to see what’s coming my way. Hopefully it’s not a Mack Truck.

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  1. I know I should make attainable goals like you have but every time I try to, life steps in and thwarts me. Love that word "thwarts"!

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