Meetings Galore

I spent almost the entire workday in meetings. The morning and all of lunch was taken up in a meeting with the owners and sales staff, trying to get them excited and educated about something new we have developed. Some of them got it, some didn’t. It doesn’t seem complicated to me, but then I’ve been doing this whole web thing for years. Some of them are like my dad and go online only to get their email and would prefer not to do that, either, so this is going to take a while for them to understand.

Most of the afternoon was spent teaching my HTML class. I started out a couple of months ago with eight students, and now I’m down to two. The two that are left really want to learn, so it’s ok with me. I just wish I could have inspired the others. I love teaching, but maybe I’m not that good at it.

I wrote in the car on the way to and from work, so I managed to get about 1100 words done today. I am very much behind schedule. I should have 10,714 done and I’m only at 4,066. I have got to pick up the pace or I’ll never make it. The story is coming along, but I just wish it would hurry up. I’m impatient to see how it all turns out.

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  1. Wish I could find someone to teach me about my computer. We have a Mac and very few people have any idea of how they work. I like Macs because they are user friendly but I know I could be doing 10 times what I am doing now. I’m mostly self-taught and in a way that’s good because what you learn stays with you. I do know that there is more! 🙂

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