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After seven years of trying to like the doctors at Johns Hopkins, I gave up and went looking for one that would actually listen to me. I was spoiled in Vegas because Dr. Cruz took all the time I needed to go over my health issues. I don’t have anything seriously wrong with me, I just have a lot of little things and I hate to make an appointment for each one separately. I would much rather go in and talk about everything at once.

The last straw for me with Johns Hopkins was when the latest doctor there spent 10-15 minutes telling me I was crazy to have a Blackberry instead of an iPhone and less than 5 minutes discussing my health.

I probably would have given up on doctors for now, but I my CPAP is slowly dying and I have to have a new sleep study so I can replace it.

With no choice, then, I went looking for a new doctor. I wish I could say that I asked for referrals and checked credentials, but I didn’t. Instead I picked my new doctor for two reason… 1) his office is less than 2 miles from my home and 2) his name is Doctor McCoy! If you don’t get why that is cool, you are not a geek, my friend.

I was hoping for some high-tech gadgets, given the name, but I found instead a pleasant front office staff, a friendly nurse and a kind and attentive doctor. He spent over an hour with me while his waiting room filled up and never made me feel like I was taking too long.

Now that I have a new doctor, I hope to get rid of my constant headaches and get a few other things dealt with. Maybe I’ll get more energy and start working out, lose a lot of weight, find the perfect guy and ride off into the sunset on his palomino horse. (Because what perfect guy doesn’t have a horse??)

A girl can dream, right? Especially if I can finally get a good night’s sleep.

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  1. Your method of getting a new doctor is just as valid as any. If you find a cure for your headaches, please let me know. I have given up hoping for a pain-free day!

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