No Rest for the Wicked

Let’s see, on May 5th I went to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. The following weekend was my three day camping trip to Virginia. The weekend of the 19th my mom and I went shopping and saw Spidey 3 and Dad and I went to our writer’s group meeting. Last weekend was four days of Balticon 41. That’s a lot of busyness for an entire month of weekends. You would think I had earned a rest, right? Not hardly.

Today we went into DC for Learning and Product Expo: Art! DC 2007. They had a juried show with one of my mom’s pictures in it. They didn’t have the good taste to give her an award for it, but it was an honor just to have a picture in the show. It’s not my favorite of her pictures, but you can judge it for yourself here.

I bought a lot of art and scrapbooking supplies and we took a watercolor class together. I was actually enjoying the class until the end. The teacher asked me to take my picture to the front of the class so he could demo something on it. I was so flattered until he took out a spray bottle and splattered all but a tiny spot with blue paint and then splotched a couple of ugly purple flowerlike objects on that one spot. It was horrible. My mom knew immediately that I was very angry and leaned over to reassure me that she would help me fix it, but it was too late. The entire picture is ruined. It wasn’t good before he destroyed, but now it’s hopeless. I would think I was just being picky, but one of the other students and I talked afterwards and she gave me her sympathies because she was appalled at what he had done. It was the very end of the class and I think he got in a hurry and just didn’t care what he did. He’s probably so used to slopping these things together that he forgets how much work this is for students. Idiot.

Tonight I got out my new colored pencils and pad of paper and tried to do the first of the exercises in one of my books. It turned out pretty badly. I guess I should have saved my time and money and done a little computer art instead. At least with computer stuff you can always hit CTRL-Z and undo the mistakes.

I’m ready for a break, but I won’t get it anytime soon. Next weekend I’m meeting with my accounting client to talk about his website and his bookkeeping and one of the guys from work wants me to redo his website. In the meantime I’m working on a complete solution for the 30 Stories in 30 Days website and I still need to rewrite my novel and figure out whether or not it’s salvageable.

Anyone want to guess why I haven’t been blogging lately? LOL

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  1. I loved your mother’s painting. She is very talented but you already knew that. Both my husband and I are teachers and the teacher you ran into is a complete jerk and should never be in charge of a class. Just my opinion! 🙂

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