Out of the Blue

I was driving home from work today and out of the blue I decided to call my cousin, Maria. Maria used to live with me until about 20 months ago when she went to Estonia on a mission for our church (LDS/Mormon). I haven’t spoken to her by email for months and by phone since she left. We kinda kept in touch by email until I got mad at her this spring and stopped talking to her. Suddenly, maybe because she likes Ren Fest almost as much as I do, I got the urge to call her and I did.

She seemed happy to hear from me and one thing led to another and guess who is coming to visit for three weeks in August/September. She’ll be here for seven days of Ren Fest, so I’m ordering her a Fairever pass so we can spend as much time there as possible. It was great to talk to her again and I’m ashamed of myself for the estrangement. I think I need anger management classes.


  1. This post is good timing, because I kid you not, I thought of Maria like a couple of days ago, wondering how long she’d been on the mission and such. That’s really neat that you’ll get to see her again and sound to be on good terms again now. 🙂

  2. Have a great time at the festival

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