Quiet Saturday

Today was the first Saturday since the first weekend in May when I didn’t have anything planned. I woke up at 8:30 this morning and thought “8:30 is good, but 9:30 would be better.” Five minutes later, my arms were asleep and I had trouble seeing my watch. It was 9:30! It felt more like I passed out than like I went back go sleep. Usually when I sleep late I have vivid dreams, but not this time. I needed the extra sleep and I’m just glad I was finally able to get it.

I kind of goofed off until about 11:30 and then I started cleaning my room. The bed was covered with all of the clothes that fit while my closet was full of clothes that are too small. I hauled out and boxed up the smaller clothes so I could put away the ones I have to wear because I can’t seem to get back on the South Beach wagon. I didn’t toss out the smaller clothes, they’re in a box in the basement just in case, but I’m losing hope that I’ll ever need them again.

One of the plans for today was to take out the old air conditioner and put it in my dad’s office and put the newer, better one in my bedroom. I’m super sensitive to heat and I can’t sleep at temperatures over 75 degrees. Unfortunately, when I opened the window, I lost my grip on the a/c unit and it fell in to the bushes below my second story window. Oops, sorry Dad! We won’t tell him, maybe he’ll never notice. He’s been in bed all day because of his cataract surgery yesterday. I don’t blame him, if I had an excuse to sleep all day, I’d take it, too. We got the new a/c unit in my window and I put my room back together about 6:00. Mom and I watched Freedom Writers, and it was ok. Kind of depressing for most of it, but it had a happy ending so it’s not all bad. Movies like that are like broccoli… you know they’re good for you and they’re full of all kinds of good things, but you would rather be eating ice cream. I am a junk food movie addict. I like things like Pirates of the Caribbean or Pirates of Penzance or pretty much any movie with pirates in the title, actually. I want to laugh and/or be scared and end up in smiles at the end. I don’t want to have to think too much. I felt sorry for the husband. I can relate, that woman would make a saint feel selfish and unworthy.

I’m heading to bed in a few minutes. I have to work on my book tomorrow and I need to catch up on more sleep before work starts again on Monday. Seriously, I need a vacation.

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