Relay for Life Yard Sale

Mom and I hit our favorite yard sale again today. The people just down the street put on a yard sale every few months to benefit Relay for Life. They put a ton of work into it. They get thousands of donations and they have to store everything that doesn’t sell in their home between sales. I am on their email list so I get notified when one is coming up and I make a point to stop by. There is always plenty to see and it’s in support of a good cause. The bargains are good, too.

Last year I got a beautiful, oval table and a full set of chairs for $50. This time we bought yet another bookcase, a couple of folding screens to use as headboards, a small cabinet with drawers, an easel, and some smaller odds and ends.

If you’re in our area and like to shop and help a good cause, they will be doing this again next month. I think it’s April 14, but I’ll find out for sure and let you know.

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