Review: The Secret, Book and Scone Society

The Secret, Book and Scone Society

Nora has a secret and so do her new friends. It’s too bad that it was death that brought them together, but now they are getting to know each other’s secrets even as they try to find the killer stalking their small town.

This was a cut above the average cozy mystery. The topics are more serious and less frivolous and the author takes things to a deeper place, psychologically. The concept really spoke to me since books have been my therapy for my entire life and I liked the focus on the healing power of literature. The mystery wasn’t all that engaging, but I liked the women and their relationships with each other. I liked that their pasts and their scars (emotional and/or physical) inform their characters, they don’t define them. They are more than the sum of their parts and they make an interesting group. I’m not sure I’d go out of my way to read more in the series, but I wouldn’t run away, either.

Four solid stars

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