Sinus Infection

After being sick for more than 4 weeks, I finally went in to see the doctor. I have a sinus infection, which I kind of knew going in.  With antibiotics and steroid nasal sprays I’ll be better in no time.

He also gave me a referral to a physical therapist. The muscles along my neck and shoulders are so tight that my left arm goes to sleep if I turn my head a certain way.  If I try to lower my chin to my chest I can feel the pain all the way down to my fingers.  It will be interesting to see how this PT works.

Maybe I can talk to them about my leg while I’m in there.  My limp isn’t going away and I still struggle with stairs. The hot orthopedic doctor said it would get better on its own, but he also acted like it was no big deal if it didn’t. After all, an old fat chick can’t expect to be able to walk without pain, right?  I never got PT when I tore the ligament in that leg 30 years ago and my left foot still turns out to the side when I walk.  I really don’t want to add another problem to that same leg if I can help it. 

The good news is that I like this new doctor a lot. He’s very Jewish and intuitive. It was almost as if he read my mind.  I asked the clinic to make him my primary doctor since my last one is out on maternity leave.  Besides, I got a weird vibe off of her the last time. Maybe it was pregnancy hormones or maybe she doesn’t approve of my weight gain.  Either way, I like the new guy a lot better.  Well, as much as I like any doctor, anyway.

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