Where did the time go?

I can’t believe I let this go for so long. So much has happened that it’s hard to catch up now. How about if I hit the highlights:

  • Ren Fest was great and I have lots of pictures and videos that I hope to eventually get posted one day.
  • Maria has moved in with us. She came for a three week visit and one thing led to another, and she decided to stay. There were no jobs available in Carbuncle, or wherever it is her parents live, and there are lots here. She worked at CVS for a few weeks and now it looks like she’s going to go work at Kelly Press with me. We’ll be able to use the carpool lane and everything.
  • I bought a new psaltery, a custom made one. The place is called Phantasy Psalteries and you can see pictures of it here, here and here. It is gorgeous and has a beautiful tone, but I sent it back for adjustments because the sustain was too much. Its sound isn’t as crisp as the one on my Unicorn Strings psaltery, but it’s unique because it is strung with overwound strings and so it is a tenor psaltery and not a high soprano. It sounds beautiful when Maria and I play together, her on the higher one and me on the new one.
  • I caught a virus in late October, right after Ren Fest got over, and I’m still sick. That is seven weeks now. I’m beginning to think I’m never going to get well. I wouldn’t mind so much, but the people at work act like I’m a leper. Idiots. It’s not as if I want to be sick, or did anything to make myself sick. The girl who gave it to me is being the biggest yahoo about it and I’ve lost my patience. I don’t have much to begin with.

I know there are lots of more important things I could be posting about, but it’s three in the morning and this is as good as it gets. My mom just reminded me that the shuttle will be here any minute. I need to shower and get dressed. We are leaving for a week in Puerto Rico. Maybe I’ll finally be able to shake this stupid virus. I’ll try to get lots of pictures and post more when I get back.


  1. Glad to see an update! Aside from the virus (which really stinks, seven weeks? Sorry 🙁 ), it sounds like things are generally good.

    Puerto Rico? Fun! 😀

  2. Is that puppy you? If so, you are cute!!! If not, that puppy is adorable. 😀

  3. NINE months since you’ve posted???

    I thought I was the only one who lost track of time!!

    Hope you are happy and doing well.

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