2,700 Words

2,700 Words… that’s how many I need to write every day between now and the end of the month to make my goal of 50,000 in February. I was sick most of this last week and so I did no writing. Yesterday my computer broke down and I spent 12 hours getting it working again. Needless to say, I didn’t get any writing done then. I wrote 5,700 today, so that helped me catch up a little bit, but I’m still about 9,000 words behind schedule. At this point I will be happy just to finish the first draft, whether I hit my word count or not. I am close, but at the moment I have them written into a corner, literally, and I haven’t figured out how to get them out. I think I’ll sleep on it and see what my dreams come up with. They might as well help me rescue them, since it was a dream that gave me the idea for this book in the first place.

I was very tempted to quit on the whole idea of writing this last week. I hate getting so depressed and dreary. It always looks so lame and ridiculous when I look back on it, but at the time the feelings are so intense and real that there is nothing remotely funny about it. I think I need better drugs… the legal kind of course.

You know what I love? Ice cream in winter. Doesn’t it just make you smile? I prefer it to ice cream in summer because it doesn’t melt so fast and you can enjoy it longer. Of course, some people think it’s too cold, but cold doesn’t bother me. We’ve had temperatures in the low teens around here, and I have only worn my coat once. Then again, I did end up sick last week. Maybe there is a connection. Nah….

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