30 Stories in 30 Days Has Begun

I don’t know if you remember, but I decided to do a challenge similar to NaNoWriMo. I’m trying to give myself a break from my novel and force myself to look at new ideas, so I came up with the 30 Stories in 30 Days challenge. I was going to start on April 1, but that wasn’t possible, so I began on April 2 and will run it until May 1st. I know, it’s a little off, but then so am I.

The rules are simple, write 30 stories of at least 1,000 words for 30 days. If you write a story that is more than 3,000 words, it counts as 2. If you write one that is more than 6,000 words, write a novel!

I started a story yesterday but it wasn’t going well. I started another one this morning, but it was having problems, too. Finally, I started one during the drive home tonight and it went as smoothly as silk. It came in at just about 3,000 words, so I can count it as two. That means I’m right on track!

My dad started this challenge with me. He finished the NaNoWriMo challenge before I did, so he’ll probably show me up this time, too. I don’t care because it means I get to read more of his writing. There is nothing in the rules that says your story has to be fiction, so he’s doing memoir pieces. I may do one of those later this month, we’ll see. The story I started this morning was from Harley’s point of view, but it wasn’t working. I still like the idea, but I’ll have to start over.

It’s not too late to join us, you know. If you can’t catch up, do 28 stories in 28 days. Anything is better than nothing.

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  1. Hi Becky

    Good to hear from you again. I guess writing 30 stories in 30 days would be very good discipline for me but I have an editing job and since I love editing, I am quite willing to use this as an excuse for not taking on the challenge! 🙂 That’s MY story and I’m sticking to it!

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