Fat Chick

Some guy at work made a fat comment about me in our meeting this morning. It was offensive enough to put me in tears, but not so blatant that I can call him on it. I am so tired of being the brunt of fat jokes. I am so tired of being fat. I thought I had the fat thing licked a year or so ago, but I’ve regained just about everything I’ve lost and I’ve given up on hoping I’ll ever lose it again. If I had made a comment about his nationality (he’s Vietnamese) everyone would have jumped on me, but it’s perfectly acceptable to poke fun at fat people. After all, we bring it on ourselves. We weren’t born fat, right? If we don’t want to be laughed at and made fun of we should just lose the weight. Or, we can just accept that we’re pathetic losers, which is the route I’m taking.


  1. Dear Friend,
    I sympathize with you more than you know. I lost 40 pounds a few years ago when I was very ill. Although I have been careful until lately, the pounds kept piling on. I hate the way I look and I’ve noticed no matter how well you dress, no-one compliments you on how attractive you look. However. we am not our weight. We are people that God made. We have family and friends wo love us. And we are not losers. We are people of intergrity and if others don’t recognize us for the valuable people we are, that’s their loss!

  2. You know, even if you’ve put a lot back on, the amount of weight you lost still serves as an inspiration to me that I can work on my weight too.


  3. I didn’t know you had a blog (I’m a subscriber to the Giggles). I’ve read that fat prejudice is the last acceptable prejudice. I believe it, too. I’ve gotten comments from a couple of “friends” of similar ethnicity. Weird. I refuse to be a loser and you should too!! I always console myself that you can lose weight but you can’t gain brains. There are lots of idiots out there — don’t pay any attention to them!!

    Robin (Chloe’s Mom)

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