Writer’s Block

I hate to act out a cliche, but I’m having trouble with writer’s block. I’ve reached a point in my story where I know where I need it to go, but I can’t get it there. I even asked Chris to help me again, but he is stumped, too. I’ll figure it out eventually, but it’s frustrating in the meantime. This writing stuff would be a lot more fun if I were better at it.

Work is getting crazy and I’m falling further and further behind. All in all, I need another 20 hours a day.

Want to help with the book? Why not suggest a magical talent for some of the bad guys to have? I need something for the big finale, and I’m not good at making up this stuff. If you’ve got a suggestion, leave a comment. Who knows, maybe some day I’ll get this thing finished and published and you can tell people you helped me finish it! 🙂 You won’t get any royalties, though, so don’t go getting too excited.


  1. I wish I were creative. I could help, but, when I think about trying to come up with something awesome for the bad guys to have, all I can picture is sharks with lasers on their heads, being carried by angry bears.

  2. What about the ability to feel empathy for someone when least expected? 🙂

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