Last night’s blog didn’t make much sense, and I should change it, but I’m just as tired tonight so I’m going to leave it alone. I managed to write 1,821 words tonight. I quit in the middle of a scene because I am just too tired to care. I am sure Mom will holler at me in a minute when she gets to that point, but she’ll just have to wait until tomorrow. I am not very happy with what I wrote tonight and I may have to redo part of it in the morning. That’s ok, maybe in the morning I will love it. You really never know.

I registered a new domain name today. It’s Want to guess what it is for? I can’t remember, have I mentioned the idea I had that I want to try after I finish this book? I want to write 30 stories (of 1,000+ words each) in 30 days. I thought that maybe I could convince some other crazy writers to join me and, if so, that website could be our home. Don’t bother checking out the site tonight, it has nothing on it so far. I will let you know when it has content on it, and if you want to give the 30 stories idea a try, just say the word. Crazy folk should stick together… just look at most families.

*There is Mom hollering now!


  1. You are much more disciplined than I am. I write a blog most days and an article or two every week – aboout 400 words long – and that’s about it. And I am “retired” so time is not a factor.

    I think that when I had my first article printed, that met my goal and nothing has replaced that. A book kind of overwhelms me but I should try for more!


  2. Maybe you should join me in April when I do the 30 Stories in 30 Days challenge. 🙂

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