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I thought last Saturday that I had worked out all of the plotting I would need to finish the book. But in the last couple of days I realized that my pacing was off. When I finished last night’s section with them stopping to take a nap only a sections from the climax, I knew that I had a problem. Mom and I went out to Olive Garden and talked about the problems. She claims she is not a writer, but my mom is clever and creative and we managed to rethink the ending sequence. I am excited because I think this ending is going to work well.

I have had trouble getting my butt in the chair and my hands on the keyboard, but I finally started writing about 6 tonight. I got 3,845 words written, bringing the total for this month to 14,152. I am only 3,705 words behind schedule. If I manage to get more than 4,000 words done tomorrow, I will be less than a full day’s writing behind. It would take 5,491 to get my completely caught up. I know, too many numbers. Did I mention that I used to be an accountant?

The story is getting pretty exciting. I wish I could share it with you, I would love your feedback, but you may have to wait until it goes on sale to read it. At the rate I work, that could be a decade or so. You won’t mind waiting, will you?

I put a little content on the website, but I am just testing out some applications. I may move it to this server, I have to talk to my friend and see if he has room for another of my websites. I am pretty sure I will be doing that challenge in April. Any of you thinking about joining me? It is less of a volume commitment than NaNoWriMo, but it will take more creativity as you will have to come up with 30 plots, 30 sets of characters, 30 settings, etc. You might want to start jotting down ideas but remember, you shouldn’t start writing until the day the challenge starts. There are no prizes if you finish, but I would be happy to give you a certificate showing that you did it. 🙂

I should be getting to bed, I have a lot of writing to do tomorrow, but I am waiting for my dad to get home. He’s been in Cuba all week and should be home in about ten minutes. Mom and I have missed him, but maybe not as much as the dogs have. They love their grandpa.


  1. I can not wait to read your book

  2. Thirty stories in thirty days? It gives me cold sweats just thinking about it!

  3. What bothers you the most? Coming up with 30 story ideas or actually writing 30,000+ words in one month? If it is the former, I have some suggestions for that. If it is the latter, don’t be intimidated. 1,000 words a day is amazingly not that hard to manage. And, just think, if you do it, you’ll have 30 new story ideas, some of which are bound to be good and well worth developing into something more substantial. What do you have to lose?

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