I Didn’t Quite Make It

I finished the month with just over 40,000 words written. I wouldn’t have done that much if my best buddy, Chris, hadn’t helped me over a rough patch in the story. With his help, though, I broke through the block and so I was able to add over 3,000 words tonight. I killed off the major baddie, revealed the answer to the big mystery and only have a few thousand words left to finish the rough draft. I think it all hangs together pretty well, but there will be a lot of rewriting left to do when I finish. At least the first draft is almost done, and if I didn’t quite meet either of my goals… writing 50,000 words or finishing the first draft… I am closer to finishing than I would ever have gotten without those goals to push me to write. I actually enjoyed writing tonight, once I got started, and remembered why I like writing at all. The last week or so has been torture as I keep hitting snags. I need to remember to ask Chris when that happens next time. I can hardly believe I have 90,000 words towards my novel. How exciting is that??


  1. That really is quite awesome that you’ve gotten so many words now! 🙂 I’m very excited to see what happens with this book. 🙂

  2. Congratulations for getting this far. I had every confidence you would do it!


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