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I decided to take a couple of days of Rest and Relaxation before tackling the task of finishing the rough draft of my novel. I read a chapter to a tiny writer’s group I belong to at work and they were very complimentary. The problem is I’m reading this stuff and thinking it just isn’t good enough. I have never been good at rewriting and I’m worried that I won’t be able to polish it up as well as I need to so that it can find a publisher. I also worry that I can’t retain all of the great advice I have been reading lately and I won’t be able to apply it even if I remember it. It sucks being a perfectionist.

I found a game that Harley likes even more than the laser pointer. I dragged out a toy I bought for him last year and he went nuts. It looks a little like this. It is basically a horse’s longe whip with a bit of sheepskin at the end. It acts like a doggy fishing pole with me dragging the sheepskin lure along the ground around me and Harley dashing around to get it. If I go in circles long enough, he cuts right through the circle and tackles it. A few times he hit it so hard that he rolled over, but he always came up with the toy in his mouth. We played for a looong time today, and he has been more quiet tonight than he ever is, usually. I wish I had video to show you just how much he loves it.

I have been really disappointed in American Idol this year. Only Chris Sligh shows any promise at all, everyone else is boring, boring, boring. I wish I had Season 2 on tape, I’d just watch it instead. I know that no one will ever compare to Clay Aiken, who could, but I keep hoping that someone will come along that is almost as good or as interesting. It’s not happening this year, I’m afraid.

As long as I’m on the subject of TV… what do you think of Lost and/or Heroes? Isn’t it fantastic to have two shows on TV that get it right? For some reason TV really lets us down when it comes to Fantasy or Science Fiction. For ever Twilight Zone there are a dozen My Favorite Martians or Battlestar Galactica. Other than Quantum Leap, which really was more about the people’s stories and less about fantasy or sci fi, I can’t remember any show I’ve liked better. I don’t know why everyone is complaining about having to wait for the answers to all the mysteries. I’m enjoying it exactly the way it is. I just wish there were more episodes in a year… would one a day be too many?

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  1. One a day was how I used to watch Lost. I don’t have cable TV and the reception here is lousy, so I used to wait till they came out on DVD and would watch them one a day. Now the show is on http://www.abc.com so I can watch them the day after it airs, so I have been watching it that way this season. It is easier to follow when you watch them all at once, but I am enjoying the tension of waiting to see what will happen next. Plus I can share in the cultural excitement. That is one thing about Buffy/Angel that I missed out on. When it was first airing folks would post on message boards and be very excited about the programs. I only caught up to them long after the shows were over. I would have liked to have gone to some Buffy/Angel viewing parties. If the sing along showings of the musical Buffy episode ever comes close to town I am going for sure.

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