It’s a Monday

Harley is better, which is a huge relief. He’s still not back to 100%, but he’s better. I was up for an hour in the middle of the night cleaning up after him last night, so I’ll be happy if I can just make it through the night tonight. I have my writing class tomorrow and I need my sleep.

I stuck to my diet all day today, and even harder to believe, all evening, too. I’m craving carbs in a big way, but I’m committed and I will NOT cheat. What I didn’t stick to today was my plan to write more on my book. I got a page or two dictated this morning but this afternoon neither I nor my laptop were working well, so I gave up and listened to one of Diana Gabaldon’s books on tape, instead. “Lord John and the Private Matter” if you’re interested. I liked the book just fine when I read it but the man who did the audiobooks is awful. I remember he ruined another book for me, too. He makes the book almost unlistenable and that’s saying a lot for one of my favorite authors.

I’ve almost finished my big project at work. Considering it was supposed to be done and in testing mode a week ago, that’s not anything about which to brag, but at least it’ll be done in time for the deadline. I just would have preferred more time to test and debug before it went live. Too late now, unfortunately. I have a huge pile of projects that have been waiting for me to finish this one, so I can’t finish it quickly enough now.

I need sleep!

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  1. Glad to read that Harley is improving. My dog seems to have come home with kennel cough or something, which is very sad. He sounds awful. Lisa’s taking him to the vet tomorrow.

    Also, that’s awesome about the diet! I managed to lose like ten pounds a few months ago, and it’s staying off, but I’m not moving forward either. Still have some work to do.

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