Plotting the Ending

Writing has been moving really slowly on this book since the end of November. When I first sat down at the beginning of November and started this book, I spent almost a week plotting it out, section by section, chapter by chapter. The only problem is, I left the final third or so of the book unplotted. It just so happens that when November ended, I had gotten right to the end of the plotted portion of the book. Ever since I have been writing less and less effectively. I am not good at the jump off the cliff and see what happens kind of writing. I need to know what the major (and minor) plot developments will be, what everyone is supposed to be doing and where they are all going. Without that safety net, I don’t write much at all. That’s fine with short stories maybe, but with something as long as a novel, it’s not happening.

This morning I sat down to write and nothing was happening. So, I went in and found my mom and we talked about the ending of the book. (Mom just called me into her room to yell at me. I had given her the four pages I wrote this weekend and she wasn’t happy because I left it at a cliffhanger. Oops!) Now the book is planned all the way through the end and all I have to do is write it. Writing takes time and can be tough, but I find it infinitely easier than plotting. Characters, dialogue, setting, all of these things are fairly simple stuff. It’s figuring out why they are doing what they are doing and how it all works together that I struggle with.

In other news… Harley and I went on a bike ride tonight. That dog only weighs 14 pounds or so but he can easily run faster than I can pedal. He just flies down the road, ears flapping in the breeze. I thought I would have to buy him a trailer for the bike, but now I’m thinking I’ll just harness him to the bike and let him pull me.

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  1. Hi Becky
    You are very brave to be writing a book. At least with an article, you can stop almost any time and go on to something else. With a book – not so easy. I did like your opening pages though. You had a good “hook” to keep me wanting to read more.
    Keep on! It will all come together.
    Blessings. Sandra

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