TiVo Trouble

You know how much I love my TiVo. Well, tonight it refuses to change my cable box channel, so instead of taping “How I Met Your Mother” I got an episode of “Spongebob Squarepants.” Ugh! I spent a long time trying to fix it but I finally gave up and sent out my ezine, Giggles & Grins. I wish I had time to do that every day like I used to, but lately I don’t even have time to sleep. I had to choose between keeping in touch with all of the people I enjoy on the Giggles and actually writing a book. I have always wanted to be a writer, so you can see my dilemma.

On one hand, the Giggles (and to an even great extent, this Blog) gave me a forum and a training ground so that I could learn to express myself in a cohesive, semi-entertaining fashion. On the other hand, this is a book, the epitome of my writerly ambitions. No one is ever going to remember Becky, the writer of the Giggles. But, if I can get a few books published, I stand a chance of being remembered after I’m gone. Since I have no kids, other than Harley and company, the only legacy I can leave in this world is the written word (or lots of words, I don’t think anyone would remember me if I wrote just one word).

I guess I’m a little vain, but I hate the idea of being gone and not being missed. I would be thrilled if I were remembered for being a wonderful human being and a great humanitarian, but that’s not happening so I’d settle for someone saying, “Oh, Becky Shiles, I read her books. They were great! How come she hasn’t written anything lately? Oh, she’s dead? Bummer.” Wouldn’t it be nice to know you could make someone’s day just a little sadder just because you were dead?

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