Walking with Dad

With Ren Fest only 11 days away, I have got to get serious about getting ready. I dropped off my Ren Gear at the cleaners (I couldn’t face all of that ironing) and I’ll pick everything up next Thursday. They might as well store them instead of me, right? I have my Fairever pass and I psaltery all ready to go. I need to practice the psaltery and juggling, but it’s not the end of the world if I don’t.

Mostly I’m worried about all of that walking, up and down hills, for 18 hours a weekend. I have been sedentary for the last year and I’m not sure I’m up to it. So Dad and I and Harley went walking on the B&A trail tonight. We did almost 3 miles and I didn’t get tired at all until the last half mile. That’s not a bad start. I’d like to go every day this week and next so I’m as ready as possible for the 25th. Then I’d like to keep doing it almost every day until my birthday because Harley needs the exposure to strangers, bikes and other dogs before his new obedience class starts. Isn’t it great that his class starts on my birthday? Tomorrow I’m going to carry a water bottle and a spray bottle. A water bottle for drinking and a spray bottle for Harley. I can’t seem to get his attention off of the bikes and other dogs, but I am sure the spray bottle will do the trick. Besides, he got a little overheated tonight, so it won’t hurt him to get a little wet. Not that he’ll see it that way…

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