Dog Day

Today was a dog day, especially for Harley. We went outside this morning and played with all three dogs. Maverick chased his flying squirrel frisbee while Dad and I played with the new parachute toy I bought at Franklin’s yesterday. (Franklin’s is a restaurant/store near work that has some of the most interesting stuff for sale. The chocolate cake is pretty darn special, too.) Mom got out the “weasel on a stick” toy and fished for Harley from the deck. We played until Mom got cold and Dad wandered off to change a lightbulb or something.

I played with my Nintendogs a while and took care of my Showdogs while I finished watching Return of the Jedi and a movie about the making of Star Wars. I still say the people at work who claim Star Wars was a regional thing are crazy, especially after watching the special, but that’s beside the point. I cleaned my room and Mom, Harley and I made the bed. It’s a queen size waterbed, so it takes at least two of us. Harley’s help was completely dispensable.

My writer’s group meets here tomorrow, so we ran to Sam’s Club to get some cookies, blackberries and grapes to serve them. I know, weird combination, right? I took my buddy Chris with me via my Blackberry. (Same name, different fruit… no, not Chris, the Blackberry. Chris is not at all fruity!) Then we all… Mom, Chris and I… went to the dollar store and looked at My Little Pony notebooks and stickers for Chris.

When we got home I took the dogs outside with the giant bubble wand I bought at Walmart and introduced Harley to bubbles. He loved them. Btw, if you have been wondering what Indiana was doing while all of this was happening… he rolled on his back once and stared vacantly off into space the rest of the time. That’s the height of excitement for that poor dog.

Harley helped me nap by chewing on my toes and fingers and, after dinner, I took him outside for a run around in the dark with the laser pointer. After all of that excitement we put on the Harley show for Mom and Dad and now he’s collapsed on their bed while I blog.

(Notice… no writing. I’m still stuck on that darn island!)

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