Weekend Over – Still Behind

I can’t believe the weekend is over already. I got about 3,500 words done today so I’m still over two days behind. I just couldn’t write anymore. I’m not sure of the exact number because I spent a lot of time rewriting some of it so that it would fit better with my new ending. I’m at 17,600 words or so for the month so far and over 70,000 on the book overall.

I quit around five or six and spent the rest of the night updating my LibraryThing list. I had ordered a Cue Cat from them. It is a barcode reader thingie, and all I have to do is pass it over the barcode on my books, and it adds them to my list. I have over 400 books in my list now and I haven’t even really gotten started. Most of the books I added tonight are the joke, trivia and quote books that I keep near my computer for the Giggles. Soon I want to take the laptop into my bedroom and scan in all of the fiction and writing reference books as well as the other odds and ends I keep in there. I don’t know why I’m spending all of this time, except it is fun in a very geeky way.

I feel bad that I did not make my word goal today, but on the plus side, I finally watched the Lost episodes that have been sitting on my TiVo since November. Now, if I can only get caught up on Desperate Housewives…


  1. Ooh, mention of Lost! Lisa and I have only recently gotten into it, but it’s been quite the addiction now. Over the past month or so, we’ve watched the first two seasons on DVD.

    My friend (who lent us the DVDs) said he was going to get me the first six episodes of season 3 in DivX format on a DVD so we could catch up, but then he went out of town for like a week.

    Yesterday we got tired of waiting, and downloaded and watched all six episodes off of iTunes. Best $12 we spent all weekend. 😀

    Now we’re just down to the two things that aired last Wednesday, and we’ll be all caught up!

    I’m kinda sad that it took us this long to get into Lost, but in a way, I’m almost wishing we’d just waited till the end of season 3. Having to go week-by-week is going to stink. 😀

  2. I watched the first season all at once (or over a week anyway) on DVD and I have to agree, that is definitely the best way to go. Having to wait a week or even more between episodes really stinks. At least we have four solids months of episodes in a row now. Maybe we’ll finally figure out what is going on!

  3. I hope so. Seriously, even though I’ve watched it all in such a short time frame, I still feel like I’m missing stuff.

    I tell you what, though — Wikipedia is a great place to surf and read about characters and connections that I never picked up on.

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