I bought a 2006 Nissan XTerra just before Christmas. It had everything I wanted except for the color, which is dark gray. Yuck. I looked into getting it painted, but that ran into thousands of dollars. Instead I looked for, and found, every imaginable auto accessory featuring Tinker Bell.

I have the Tinker Bell Steering Wheel Cover, the Tinker Bell Seat Covers, the Tinker Bell “I’m No Princess!” Floor Mats in front and the Tinker Bell “Trust Me!” and Tinker Bell “Perfect Little Flirt” floor mats in back. I got this decal, and this one and this one.

I found a couple of keychains, of course, and picked up a Tinker Bell lunch box from somewhere, although that does not technically have anything to do with the car.

But my favorite car accessory I found was the Tinker Bell trailer hitch cover! I can’t find a picture of that for you tonight, but I’ll try to get one posted here soon.

So, my XTerra is Tinked out… it looks like my ride was pimped by Disney. The guys at work won’t ride in it, except for my friend Dave, but that’s just cause he likes sitting on Tinker Bell. My dad refuses to drive it and my friend Kirby has warned me not to take it South if I don’t want to get shot.

I think it’s adorable, but it probably would have been cheaper to get the car painted bright green like I wanted in the first place.

You be the judge


  1. They’d only shoot a guy down south if he was driving a Tinkerbell car. A girl driving tinker bell would be in high demand — why they’d probably make you a debutante. Cindy – you know the one who is not mentioned in your blog yet, you know the one who is going to be the star student in your HTML class – so watch out you B.S.s Ben, Brian and David (Bubba) Springer.

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