Two weeks and counting

Ren Fest starts in two weeks and a few hours. You can check the counter to the right, if you need to know the exact number of hours, minutes and seconds. I paid for my Fairever pass today and should get it back in plenty of time. I had to email them my information and then call to pay over the phone. I know this is all about history and times of old, but c’mon people, get Paypal! I worked it out, by using the Fairever pass and going every day, of course, I am only paying $4.21 per day. That’s an unbeatable bargain, isn’t it?

With Ren Fest so close I pulled out my Unicorn Strings bowed psaltery so I can start practicing. I am so rusty it’s scary. Not that it matters much, because I overtightened a string I was tuning and broke it and now I can’t get it replaced. No one I have talked to has strings small enough and even if they did, none of them will even try to replace it. I tried, but I broke the string I had both times I tried and now I have no string left and can’t replace it. I know I can get John to fix it at Ren Fest, but I didn’t want to have to wait that long. He’s going to be so disgusted with me for not practicing. Well, maybe not disgusted, but definitely disappointed.

This weekend I’m going to pull out all of my Ren gear and try it all on. I’ve lost some weight, so the stuff that was getting tight should fit again and I have new pieces to mix in. At last count I had something like five skirts, four or five chemises and two bodices. I also have a couple of gypsy hip scarves. With all of that, I should be able to do some really creative mixes. Maybe by the end of Ren Fest I will have lost some weight and the smaller of my two bodices will fit again, but in the meantime there’s the one with the steel boning. I like the smaller one because it doesn’t flatten out may top, but both of them are nice. I show a LOT more cleavage in Ren gear than I ever would otherwise, but that’s not a bad thing, right?

My sister and her youngest son, Josh, were here for a couple of weeks and just left Monday. Harley and Josh became best friends and Harley has been moping around since he left. I know Josh hated to leave him behind, but there is no way on this earth I would let Harley leave me.

Speaking of Harley, he has his obedience class graduation tonight. I gave him a bath this morning so he would look his best in his pictures. It’s all a little silly, but will make a great scrapbooking opportunity. It reminded me that I wanted to sign him up for the Dog Owner’s Training Club of Maryland beginning class. I downloaded the dog profile and sign up sheet and sent them off with my check today. I probably sounded like a crazed doggy mama with my long notes about him but I wanted to be sure they knew what he is like. Maybe I’ll type that up in another post and you can tell me if I sound nuts. I know I AM nuts, but that doesn’t mean I want to sound that way.

Sorry it’s been so long between posts. Look for more about Ren Fest in the next few months.

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